Mesh chair

R Shell is a conceptual designed chair realized in steel and FRP. Its design magnificently mixes natural elements with construction engineering. R Shell is formed by two curve surfaces leaning one against the other; these surfaces support each other and strike the balance between the point, the line, the virtual and the entity surface. One of the two surfaces is constructed with multiple lines. These sinuous lines enchant the eye forming a virtual space that takes visual to another level. The St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo and its thin shell structure inspired the artist. The entity surface crosses around the whole chair and, under the light, it creates a multi-level overlapping shadow that enchants the eyes and the mind.

For applications like the ingenious mechanics engineering and techniques in building (St. Mary’s Cathedral,Tokyo), the outer lines are neat, and the light and shadow are just perfect and fascinating.
I think to myself: is there an opportunity that this method can be used on to product design?Focusing on the advantage of the mechanics and techniques of Hyperbolic Paraboloid shell, I used it on chair design in which ergonomic is necessary and also demonstrate the beauty of the structure.
Shell construction method let the outer building be made by very thin shell, but still has strong support and protection. Under appropriate circumstances of technology applications, even 4 to 10 cm thick wall will be able to a large building by thin shell.

Taking St. Mary’s Cathedral, Tokyo, a representative thin shell structure, as a starting point. Analyze the force on the two curvature shell surface and construct a surface of another form. Deconstructing the relationship between the surface and the line, re-arrange and composed. Finding how two surface support each other, strike balance between the point, line, the virtual and entity surface. Then construct the shape of the chair.



  • possibilities of the variety of the style and combination
  • think if the design reach the goal (thin surface, strong structure)
  • elegant figure




3D computer simulation of virtual and entity combined effect:


rough prototype:

  • structure
  • scale


final prototype:

  • materials
  • process methods
  • color



furniture design


May. 2014


conceptual design / prototype


steel. FRP


690x850x750 mm


interpret designer’s mind and thought into tangible object.

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