Multiple Usage Playing Mats For Children

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  • Easy use
    Let your kids and yourself enjoy a fun playing time with TRiMA playing mats. This is a product suited both for you and your kids to have fun moments together. TRiMA’s unique shape modules and Velcro type fasteners on its sides make it fast and easier to assemble a 3 dimensions teepee. It is even easier to transform it into a form of a mat and have it while enjoying children’s game including tents, tunnel and more. TRiMA can be perfectly placed in the room of your child to make him or her more comfortable in his or her bedroom. These playing mats also enhance creativity of your child through their own playing styles and have more fun with it.
  • Variety choice
    TRiMA’s featured theme decor package includes variety of playing item features such as graphic wall sticker, light stickers, attachable pockets and pattern coats. All of these are can be used with Velcro at the back that are attachable on the mat.



  • Little artists
    TRiMA’s coat has its multi-colored patterns and Velcro hook to make it easily attached on the TRiMA formed teepee. The package’s plastic fabric surface allows kids to draw graphics on it.
  • Fantastic dreamer
    TRiMA is even perfect for Preschoolers as they may engage in social games like “pretend play”, so you can help them enjoy their childhood experiences. Help them develop their minds too by allowing them to play TRiMA and package theme. The sets of TRiMA playing package also includes a variety of decor accessories perfect for the play time fun ideas of your child. Children can express their imaginative minds and create their own world with the use of TRiMA formed space and theme package.



  • Children size
    TRiMA playing mats has its total specification of 900 x 900 x 20 millimeters for each item pieces. Children-sized design suits kids from 1 to 6-years old. The thick mats are light and portable, for the toddlers and preschoolers to use it well.
  • Selected material
    Safety is ensured with TRiMA playing mat’s soft foam that can prevent toddler from getting hurt every time he or she falls to the ground. Its flexible and very durable foam (15mm thick) is covered with clean soft vinyl that is also washable.


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Dec. 2014

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